Changing Profile



Profile change in the relationship between the retailer and his publishers. Strongly influenced by the attraction of consumers to the price sensitive eCommerce product offers. Retailers are seeking for exclusive looks to drag consumers into their stores. Publishers are becoming more strategic partners in this relationship and jointly they develop solutions for these changing needs that benefits both.



Cross Industry Approach



Cross industries initiatives are being introduced where Fashion, Home and Living leading brands are closing deals with the fine stationery, gifting and greeting publishers.


Upwards Product Differentiation



There is strong need for boutique concepts build up out of multiple items and no longer limited to 1 product. This coordinated ranges are being displayed as collections on retail level. This trend allows to introduce new product categories to the core category of the publisher.



Consumer Awareness



Consumers rediscover and appreciate authentic products and willing to spend substantially on these items as long as the quality of material and design are outstanding. Even though modern tools and mediums brought by IT solutions and the Internet replace many traditional products there is growing consumer base that desire the quality authentic products.